Leaseholders not prepared to wait for government to change the law

Given government has effectively put to one side its commitment to make the process of acquiring the freehold or an extended lease ‘cheaper and fairer’ following Robert Jenrick’s surprise announcement back in January 2021 as the promised legislation was not in this year’s Queen’s Speech; it is interesting to see activity returning.

As much as government may well introduce the promised reforms, it is impossible to state when this will become law especially given the added problems of Ukraine, change of Prime Minister and no doubt more pressing issues that need attention.

As a consequence, leaseholders wanting to enfranchise have decided to move on per the current status quo rather than wait for the law to change and have instructed me to prepare the necessary valuations prior to serving notice and subsequently negotiate on their behalves.

By way of example, I find myself instructed to acquire the freehold of a house where my clients decided not to join in with 2 neighbouring houses who claimed their freeholds in December 2020 prior to the Jenrick announcement.